Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Grandparents Love - A day at Singapore Recreational Club

it's funny to watch your parents react to baby joshua. Sort of like bring back the memories that was in you when you were really small (but yet never really there). But its lots of love of love from their eyes and you can tell.

it is almost like them revealing a part of themselves which they were trying so hard to hide from you, afraid that you would take those loving eyes for granted. Afraid that if they reveal too much of love for their child, you would one day use that against them.

its really fun to be observing this while being there, taking the photo shot.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Baby Shower Old Lady Luck

The Luck of a NEW BORN.

The news of a newborn is good news to all family. It is considered auspicious period of time and luck begets luck. Bring out your innate gambling guts in you now. The probable permutations to buy this coming baby shower!

Room Number
520B = 5208
Head Circumference/Height
Baby House Unit No.
Baby Chauffeur (a.k.a father's) car no
Baby Singapore IC no. (for security reason, last 4 no. taken out, sorry)

Dun believe in this?

Check this out...

House Unit No./Hospital Room No.

Birthday./Car No.

and If you do plan to buy...
Just as much as baby luck can rub on you, do remember to give some back to him if you do strike your 4D! Good luck!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A child is born- You were 11 days early dude.

The exciting sequence of events the day before that eventually led to the inevitable...

31Jan 2030hrs - Mommy-to-Be Rachel was walking towards my working desk, ready to feed my fishes when she suddenly vanishes into the toilet. 10 mins later, she Instant Message me..."I want to go back home...i think i got 'show'"

31Jan 2041hrs - OMG!!! Acting really cool in front of my colleagues, i packed my bag and waved them goodbye. 11 days earlier dude...I just wasn't prepared.

31 Jan 2300hrs - Home. Bathed. Settled Down. We called the doc and briefly told him about situation. Doc says "Bring her in by midnite". Its 'SHOW' TIME!! (pardon the pun :))

1 Feb 0000hrs - At the operation room. Had volunteer bravely to be there for her before and now here i am, like a small boy waiting on his first dental visit... damn.

1 Feb 0001hrs-0500hrs - COLD!!!Brrrrrrr..... drew out my handphone and started to exercise my fingers furiously...stabbing on the buttons.. it was time to give live commentary to my friends...other than that, spent 2 hrs watching 'live' EPL football in the operation room.

Feeling bored.. we also took photos..

1 JFeb an 0600hrs - Contraction had started on Rachel and you could see the grimace on her face already. she wasnt doing the "v" sign no more and nurses were coming more often to see on her.

1 Feb 0730hrs - Dr. Kee had came in and like any other day at work, took on a broad smile on this poor couple, and started his rountine checks. "No worries" he said, it will take a while more.

1 Feb 0830hrs - ok..wasnt so cool anymore. Mommy Rachel was in real pain already and she was using a lot of the laughing gas to help easen her pain. She has previously opt out of epidural and i bet at that moment, she was regretting being such a brave girl already.

It were made worse with screaming that were coming from the other room. The women was a real screamer and she was really crying father and mother. Silence filled the air in this room.

1 Feb 1030hrs - Mommy Rachel was hitting UNBEARABLE Pain already. By this time, the nurses are attending to us attentively, awaiting for the doctor's entrance. All Father to be could do was to offer a hand for Mommy to bite on. Helpless like a puppy... doc came in...

1 Feb 1040hrs - ARRRRRR!!!! EERRRRRR!!!! PUSSHHHHH!!!!!! PUSSSHHH!!! YESSSS!!!! Abit more.. Rachel.... like shitting... YES... push it out.... YES!!!! GOOODDDD........PPPOOOOOODD!

That moment is amazing. I saw the biggest mouth a baby could ever have hahaha!